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Takdir Saili

La Ode Nafiu

Effect of treatment of cocoa-pods with Aspergillus niger on liveweight gain and cocoa-pod intage of Bali (Bos sondaicus) cattle in South-East Sulawesi

Animal Production Science 50 (7):693-698, 2010
 2.  Takdir Saili mtDNA Variation and Human-Mediated Introgression of Indigenous Sus Populations on Several Indonesian Islands Mammal Study 37 (1):1-10, 2012
 3. Muhammad Amrullah Pagala Association of Mx Gene Genotype with Antiviral and Production Traits in Tolaki Chicken International Journal of Poultry Science 12 (12): 735-739, 2013
 4.  Takdir Saili Metabolisable energy requirements for maintenance and gain of liveweight of Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) Animal Production Science 54 (9) 1311-1316, 2014