Ministry of Agriculture Performance Assessment Strategy

FPT UHO 16 November 2020 No Comments

A paradigm shift in managing the performance of government agencies by representing the old style into current performance. This also becomes a challenge in itself to answer how to be able to assess or know information in a transparent and accountable manner in seeing the performance achievements of a government agency.

The spirit of creating a results-oriented government has not only surfaced in developed countries, but also in developing countries including Indonesia. Management changes are carried out in order to resolve problems or obstacles that result in the administration of government not running optimally or not expected to run well.

The level of success in governance is measured by the level of performance it produces. To determine the level of performance generated compared to the expected, performance management is needed.

Simple steps that have a real impact on the performance achievements of government agencies usually involve intensifying guidance, particularly local governments, to improve the quality of performance management and performance-based budgets. One of the causes of the low quality of performance management and performance-based budgeting is the commitment to change the way the work and work culture of the bureaucracy is low and the ability to plan programs / activities is not good.

Therefore, the central government is trying to change the mindset and workings of the bureaucracy. Furthermore, it provides a good understanding of program / activity planning.

According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Momon Rusmono, that through managing organizational performance, it is hoped that the preparation of performance planning can be done well as a preparation for the organization in determining the vision, mission and goals of the organization. Furthermore, the organization arranges and measures the achievement of its performance compared to the predetermined plans or targets.



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